On September 10, it was announced that the results of the corona virus test of former Parliament Speaker Bülent Arınç and his wife were positive.

Arınç used the following statements in his post:

Today, my wife and I are in the hospital environment with suspicion of coronavirus. As a result of our examinations, we learned that our test results were positive.

Thank you for our health right now. Our treatment will continue at home under the doctor’s supervision at this stage.

We need your prayers and good wishes. We wish urgent healing from our Lord to all our friends and every member of our nation who suffered from these and similar diseases.

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“He was discharged from the hospital with healing”

Arınç announced that they were discharged from the hospital with his wife today after 18 days of treatment.

Arınç shared the following statements on his social media account:

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Dear friends; At the end of the 18-day treatment period, we were discharged from the hospital with my wife today. Thanks and thanks to our Almighty Lord.

Endless thanks to all our friends who did not spare their prayers, good wishes and attention.

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“The last eight days are busy passed with treatment ”

Arınç continued his explanation as follows:

The last eight days of the process were spent in the hospital with a versatile and intensive treatment. We would like to thank all the healthcare personnel, from the doctor to the nursing staff who work with devotion and devotion.

May our Almighty Lord give urgent healing to all members of our nation who are currently suffering from these and similar diseases and who are waiting for healing.

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