88 ‘In Galatasaray, Falcao drove the ball into the penalty area from the right wing. He then threw his dribble and turned the pass back, but the ball remained with his opponent.

81 ‘In Trabzonspor, Benik Afobe was confronted with the cake goalkeeper thrown at him, and the offside flag was lifted while the ball came out.

77 ‘In Trabzonspor, Marlon wanted to bring his long pass from the left to Djaniny on the right, but Marcao in the rank did not allow his opponent.

74 ‘Abdülkadir Finger entered the penalty area from the left diagonal and hit it at close range, then finished the ball returning from Okan, but auta came out.

70 ‘In Trabzonspor, the cake Donk sent inside by Serkan from the right wing made a mistake, but he acted before his opponent and took the ball away.

61 ‘Goalkeeper Uğurcan controlled the shot sent by Oğulcan Çağlayan from the back in Galatasaray.

55 ‘Goals … Trabzonspor 0-2 Galatasaray (Oğulcan)

46 ‘The second half started.

44 ‘Goal … Trabzonspor 0-1 Galatasaray (Arda Turan)

34 ‘Trabzonspor came to be effective. In the carom in the penalty area, the overlapping shots returned without defense.

27 ‘Trabzonspor came to the counter after the turnovers by Belhanda. Yusuf drove the ball to the penalty area, but the defense set foot.

25 ‘Okan succeeded in heading to Vitor Hugo.

22 ‘Omar stayed on the ground in Galatasaray. The away team will take a free kick from the right of the penalty area.

17 ‘The defense put foot on the pass that Yusuf Sarı cut from the ground into the penalty area. Afterwards, Galatasaray came from the left wing, but the defense took the ball to the crown.

13 ‘In Galatasaray, Talyan Antalya received a yellow card as a result of handball and was suspended in the next match.

6 ‘This time Trabzonspor came to be effective. Flavio hit it narrowly, but the ball went out.

5 ‘In Galatasaray, Feghouli sent his shot to the goal from just outside the penalty area. The ball came out slightly from the top.

3 ‘Galatasaray developed an attack on the left wing. Defense took away the middle made inside. Afterwards, Galatasaray came from the right wing this time, but they were not successful.

2 ‘Omar wanted to bring the ball to Emre in the penalty area in the middle of the long right but the defense intervened.

1 ‘The match has started.

Trabzonspor and Galatasaray face each other in the 15th week of the Super League.

The match to be played at the Medical Park Stadium started at 19.00. Referee Halil Umut Meler blows the whistle in the match. Galatasaray – Trabzonspor match is broadcast live on beIN Sports.

Trabzonspor ranks 9th with 20 points in 14 games played in the league. Galatasaray ranks second with 26 points collected.


Trabzonspor: Uğurcan, Serkan, Vitor Hugo, Edgar Ie, Marlon, Baker, Flavio, Abdulkadir Finger, Nwakaeme, Yusuf Sarı, Djaniny

Galatasaray: Okan, Omar, Marcao, Donk, Saracchi, Taylan, Belhanda, Emre Kılınç, Arda, Feghouli, Oğulcan

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