After the victory of Karagümrük and the defeat of G.Saray and being eliminated from the trophy, the change is at the door in F. While the criticism of coach Erol Bulut continues despite the 3 points, the 46-year-old coach plans to give the team a certain rhythm with the changes he will make in the team in the coming period. While the news coming from Canary’s injured players is a ray of hope, the roster will change significantly in two weeks. First of all, it is learned that Pelkas will return to the team, while the next week, the other three names are expected to return to the team in the critical appointment to be played with Trabzonspor. While it is noted that Gustavo and Novak will take part in the appointment to be played against the burgundy-blue team, as well as the new transfer İrfan Can Kahveci, it has already been a matter of curiosity about who will be drawn to the bench.

By the way, Canary made a difference especially in the outer field this season. The team, which collected 16 points in the first 25 weeks of the last season, collected 13 points more this season and recorded 29 points in the away points. GO TO MESUT NOTE
Mesut Özil, who is the best on the field with a 96 percent passing accuracy rate in the KARAGÜMRÜK exam, got a passing grade with his performance. The star football player, who met with the ball 60 times for 81 minutes, could not hit in 1 shot and 2 cross attempts. Mesut Özil, who blocked 1 shot in defense, signaled that he will be better in the coming weeks with his 81-minute performance. ‘NO JUSTICE’
In the 25th week of the SUPER League, there was a penalty dispute in the match that ended with Galatasaray’s 2-1 advantage. The referee Erkan Özdamar continued the game while the guest team Kasımpaşa waited for the penalty after Varga’s position. After the controversial Galatasaray-Kasımpaşa match, Fenerbahçe posted an implied post on their official Twitter account. Yellow lacivertliler made a statement on his social media account after the Galatasaray match, saying, “There is a dirty lobby, there is a Şaibe, there is favoritism, there is injustice, there is no inertia”.

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