The motion submitted by the Left Party to parliament with the title “Anti-Muslim racism in Germany and discrimination against Muslims in Germany” is for the ruling Christian Union parties (CDU / CSU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the main opposition to the far-right Germany. The Alternative (AfD) Party and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) were rejected by their votes.

Speaking at the session where the motion was discussed, Left Party deputy Christine Buchholz stated that every two days a mosque was attacked in Germany and said, “Crimes against Muslims contain violence every day. These developments are alarming. said.

Pointing out that there are only those who were attacked racistically because of the headscarf in Germany, Buchholz said, “A headscarved woman in Gross Gerau was attacked just because she was wearing a headscarf and nobody helped her. An imam in Wolfsburg received a death threat every two weeks. Far-right terrorists see hatred of Muslims as a driving force for them. They are provoked by AfD members. ” used expressions.


Threat letter to mosque in Germany!


Buchholz also criticized the attitude of the German police who entered the Mevlana Mosque in Berlin with their boats and dogs during the morning prayer, saying, “With this raid on the alleged irregularity in the application for corona aid, it is aimed to create a potential criminal perception on the religious institutions in the country. He told me that such pressure on the church was unimaginable because of the wrong application. ” he spoke.

Emphasizing that Muslims are exposed to discrimination in daily life in Germany, Buchholz said:

“Someone named Turkish or Arab has problems finding a house and finding a job. This is especially true for women wearing headscarves. No one should be at a disadvantage because of their belief. From the government, along with the provinces, Muslim religious communities should be recognized by the state under the Anti-Discrimination Law. We demand reforms and additional counseling services for Muslims.

In the rejected motion, there were demands such as eliminating inequality towards religious communities, improving the security of mosques, spiritual counseling and social services on Islam and being seen as equal with other religions.

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